July Event Signup Page

We are part of the Big Bang Celebration this year! Check out all the weekend events at www.bigbangcorpuschristi.com

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Finish off the 4th of July weekend with a walk over the Harbor Bridge; bring a small American flag with you and we will try to get a photograph of as many folks as possible lining the walkway and waving their flags.

If walking the high bridge is not for you, come to the event anyway, Carrie Robertson Meyer will be leading the alternate route group which walks up to Shoreline, then along to ,and around, the Peoples Street T-Head and back to Heritage Park. The distance is approximately the same as the bridge route and alternate route walkers can collect stamps towards their “BridgeWalk” T-Shirt. (Five stamps qualifies you for a T-shirt)

After the walk (bridge or alternate) if you still have surplus energy then you can take advantage of one of the other activities offered in Heritage Park from 8:30 am. Zumba, Yoga, and Tai Chi are offered every month.

There is no official “Kids Fun Zone” this month but we are in discussions to arrange ongoing events in this category.

Sign up for the walk using the link in the right hand column of this page or by pasting this code into your browser: http://www.bridgewalkcc.com/events/46/bridgewalk-july-2014/

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