July 4th Special Event Recon

bridgewalk sign

Suggested signage

Today was an interesting day for me. In the morning I met with the City’s Traffic Engineering Department to discuss the possibility of placing permanent signs on the BridgeWalk route so that we can turn it into a “documented” event which can be undertaken either as the monthly organized event or by individuals and groups as and when they feel like it. (Once the maintenance work is completed which now looks like being at the end of May 2012)

In the afternoon the July 4th Special Event Committee and various other interested parties took a bus tour from One Shoreline Plaza to Whataburger Field, the proposed marshalling point for the July 4th Event, and then over the bridge to North Beach and back again.

Bus & Bridge Pic

Stopped at the top of the bridge

The bus was kindly provided by the CCRTA who will be helping with the transport of people to and from the bridge event and we had a police escort front and back. This enabled us to slowly drive over the bridge stopping at strategic points to take photographs and assess how and where we will be placing people on the bridge for the event.

This is going to be an exciting and historic event; something many may wish to take part in if only to tell their grandchildren – “we took part in the big Fourth of July Bridge Sway Event of 2012″

If you are interested in participating individually, or by organizing a group to participate, please register your interest on the Special Event Page and the committee will be in touch as the event develops.

Here are the photographs from today’s outing:


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