June, lightning free BridgeWalk

The June BridgeWalk went off without incident, not even a drop of rain and certainly no thunder storms despite the 40% chance weather warning. (So what happened in May when the weather forecast gave no indication of bad weather and yet, thunder and lightning were the order of the day!)

Mayor Adame at the BridgeWalkAnyway, immediately after the BridgeWalk I set off for Austin and I’m posting this from my hotel room within sight of the Capitol. Why share this information with you? Well it’s my excuse for not publishing a video compilation of the days events as I am too tired (and busy) to deal with it tonight even although I have access to all my photographs through Dropbox.

However I do feel the need to share this photograph of Mayor Adame and his wife Kathy with me in the courtyard at Heritage Park after the event so that all you avid BridgeWalkers can see the “prize” for walking the bridge 5 times. Note the snazzy polo shirts I and the Mayor are wearing – BridgeWalk Club polos. Have your card stamped 5 times and you too could be the proud owner of one of these, can’t be bought, polo shirts.

PD Escort

Also I’d just like to mention the officers of the Corpus Christi Police Department Traffic Division who turn out at each of our monthly BridgeWalking events and cheerfully look after our safety throughout the length of the walk. I certainly appreciate their presence particularly at the busy on and off ramps at each end of the bridge. Thank you for your service to the BridgeWalkers and to the community in general.

Looking forward to the next event on July 8th and in the meantime keep checking the website for more photographs from the June walk, details of exciting new developments to the event, and hopefully a video made by one of the walkers.

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