Other Bridges

  • California
    An odd lot if you ask me. Not living in the real world and that is reflected in their bridge walk which, it seems, can only be conducted as a virtual tour or under a multitude of restrictions.
  • Maryland
    Verging on the British model of Government knows best.
    The annual Chesapeake Bay Bridge Walk was cancelled in 2010 for the fourth year in a row.
    I’d really love to do this one but no way will I travel to MD just to be told NO at the last minute!
  • Michigan
    The annual Mackinac Bridge Walk.
    This is a 5 mile bridge and is on my bucket list of things to do before I can’t do things like this!
  • New York City
    This seems very reasonable; instructions on how, where, why, and what to do and eat!
    If I ever get to NYC again I’ll be on that bridge in a flash.
  • West Virginia
    Now this is one to die for (so to speak).
    Just my cup of tea, a catwalk 850 feet above a river with spectacular views.